16 Surprising Benefits of Eating Celery Before Bed

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benefits of eating celery before bed

As of 2021, the US per capita consumption of fresh celery was recorded to be 4.9 pounds. The consumption rate has decreased among kids and adults since the last decade.

Another survey states that 36.1% of the adult respondents said they don’t like celery because of its bitter and strong taste.

Disliking some vegetables for their taste has always been a common go-to habit for kids and adults. But vegetables are important edibles that help maintain good health by fulfilling all nutrient requirements.

There are immense benefits to eating celery before bed. People have ignored it because they’re unaware of its potential to cure chronic health problems.

Medical experts advise that the health benefits of eating celery are now proven to be evident. So, let’s learn why you should add this bitter-tasting vegetable mandatorily to your diet.

16 Benefits of Eating Celery Before Bed

We have researched and concluded that celery does help people experience ease with their chronic symptoms. Based on the knowledge we have obtained, here are the 16 benefits of eating celery before bed:

1. Reduces Weight

As per a global statistic, around 38.9% of the world population is obese or overweight. It’s a serious concern, as obesity is the foundation of several health diseases.

If you’re overweight or rapidly gaining weight, you should switch to a natural weight-loss diet plan. And make sure to add celery as a part of it, as it’s a proper detox for weight loss.

Celery is one of the many vegetables with very few calories. One celery serving has around ten calories, possibly because the vegetable comprises only water and fiber.

When you consume celery at night before bed, you get that feeling of fullness. Hence, you don’t get up in the middle of the night or early in the morning craving snacks.

Celery doesn’t contribute to weight gain, and by preventing your odd-time cravings, you eventually avoid consuming fat-rich foods.

2. Regulates Blood Pressure

Celery consists of phthalide, which is responsible for expanding your blood vessels. People with blood pressure problems often find it difficult to sleep peacefully at night.

using digital blood pressure monitoring device

When the blood vessels expand, the pressure within them regulates itself to ease the symptoms and help you attain a peaceful sleep.

Following that, the presence of potassium in celery works towards dilating the blood vessels and controlling blood pressure. Hence, it’s an important mineral in this vegetable.

It doesn’t just help regulate blood pressure; the antioxidants and phytonutrients in it get rid of harmful toxins while the body converts food into energy. All these nutrients work together to maintain the health of blood vessels and allow them to function properly.

3. Reduces Bad Cholesterol

High cholesterol levels directly affect your heart health and damage the blood vessels. Globally, 1/3rd of all heart diseases are linked to high cholesterol.

Celery juice, among many other natural remedies, is accountable for lowering the levels of bad cholesterol and improving heart health.

Celery has high amounts of fiber, Vitamin C, potassium, and antioxidants that help your heart function healthily. It enhances blood circulation to keep up with good heart health.

4. Encourage Better Sleep

Beyond lowering your bad cholesterol levels, celery also acts as a soothing agent for your nervous system. It calms down the triggered nervous system responses to help you sleep easily.

When your body tends to feel relaxed, you’ll have a better chance of falling asleep easily to complete your healthy sleep cycle. So here’s the answer to “does celery help you sleep?”

Note: But there’s one caution you must consider with the consumption of celery for good sleep. We will discuss it later in this article. Keep reading!

5.  Controls Bowel Movement

Bloating is one critical health adversity that troubles you from sleeping peacefully at night. A bloated stomach causes aches, depriving you of healthy sleep.

Celery before bed can help you attain relief from bloating symptoms and will also regulate bowel movement.

person holding toilet paper roll

Celery has water and fiber, which will ease the bloating symptoms, even in your intestine, when the body is done digesting it.

The water and fiber then work together to regulate bowel movement. When our body starts digesting the celery, more digestive enzymes will start to secrete within. Hence, any symptom of constipation and bloating will be relieved at ease.

Celery is a natural antibiotic for bad bacteria that causes Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO), a gut disorder that triggers pain and bloating symptoms.

6. Boosts Immunity

We all know how good fruits and vegetables are for us. But celery creates a very noticeable impact on our immune system.

Celery is a humongous source of Vitamin C, a powerful nutrient for our immune system to fight infection and protect our body from damage due to free radicals. The high level of antioxidants contributes towards boosting immunity in our body.

7. Relieves Inflammation

Celery is highly sourced with polyphenols, one of the important antioxidants that relieve pain and inflammation in your body. Celery juice is probably the best drink for gut inflammation.

In some instances, inflammation causes joint pains almost anywhere around the body, which troubles your sleep at night. Eating celery before bed might ease the inflammation around your joints and relieve the pain to give you a good sleep.

Apart from that, celery also has the capability of healing inflammation in the lungs. As a result, the oxygen supply to your lungs will increase, and asthma symptoms can be eased.

Overall, celery helps with all kinds of health adversities caused due to inflammation, such as irritable bowel syndrome, SIBO, urinary tract infections, gastric ulcers, kidney disorders, liver disorders, skin diseases, and gout.

8. Reduces the Risk of Cancer

One of the many compounds in celery is apigenin, which is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant. This compound has proven results in reducing the inflammatory proteins in your body.

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Furthermore, it also helps you eliminate potential carcinogens from the body. Carcinogens are substances that can cause cancer in any of the living tissues.

It also lowers your chance of experiencing breast cancer, leukemia, intestinal cancer, and other serious diseases. Celery also consists of Luteolin, which is a flavonoid possessing anti-cancer properties.

This flavonoid works towards slowing down the growth of cancer cells and might also destroy them. Consuming celery, alongside cancer treatment, can aid in faster recovery.

9. Lessens Your Stress

One of the most annoying causes of sleep deprivation at night is stress. If stress disturbs you from having a peaceful sleep, celery before bedtime can help ease it.

Not more than 100 grams of celery will fuel your body with 11 mg of Magnesium. Evidence suggests that Magnesium helps lower stress levels by directly impacting the responsible hormones and relaxing the nerves.

10. Replenish Your Liver

Celery has the medicinal capability of removing accumulated fats from your liver. If your doctor has diagnosed you with a fatty liver condition, you must consume celery, either raw or in juice form.

When you add celery to your regular diet, you can expect better liver functionality and proper regulation of liver enzymes. Hence, your liver’s healthy functioning will control all the major metabolic processes within your body.

11. Balances the pH of Your Body

Our body’s pH level should be more alkaline than acidic to ensure good health. Sleeping peacefully at night will be difficult if you have an acidic pH level.

Celery can neutralize your acidic pH level and bring it back to an alkaline state. It’s one of the most important benefits of eating celery before bed. You won’t be experiencing acidity or any associated health problems anymore.

12. Promotes Sexual Arousal

Sexual arousal is often considered natural, but you can sometimes struggle to obtain it. As a result, it will frustrate and embarrass you, leading to stress. It might also hamper your relationship.

feet of a couple in bed with white sheets and blanket

Eating celery before bed will help you with sexual arousal and perform well in bed. It’s because celery is home to androstenone and androstenol, two major sex drive pheromones.

Celery alone can’t bring out the best in you. You must pair it with regular workouts and healthy lifestyle choices to get sexual arousal whenever you want it.

13. Get Rid of Your Toxins

Toxins in your body will damage the enzymes and prevent the healthy production of hemoglobin in your blood. It will also suppress your body’s protection against oxidative stress. For worse, it can also trigger cancerous diseases.

The fiber in celery helps you with detoxification in your gut. Consuming it regularly before bedtime will help flush out toxins from your body easily.

14. Rich in Vitamin A

Vitamin A is essential for promoting skin health, eye health, and better immunity. Celery is a rich source of Vitamin A; eating it before bedtime will help your body develop these healthy attributes in your sleep.

15. Beneficial to the Growth of Fetuses

Folate in celery helps your baby to grow in your womb. Hence, you can conclude that celery helps a fetus’ healthy development.

Lack of folate in your diet might trigger memory loss and fatigue problems later during your pregnancy. Make it a habit to consume celery right before bedtime. And you can be sure that you’re consuming enough of it for the good health of you and your baby.

16. Aids in Bone Density Issues

One of the best benefits of eating celery before bed is that it can help cure bone density issues. It’s specifically a go-to remedy for people with osteoporosis.

Celery is rich in Vitamin K, which enhances bone density. It ensures that your body experiences fewer fractures throughout your course of life.

It’s a highly recommended remedy for older adults with weak bones, inflammation, joint pain, osteoporosis, or similar health conditions.

Precaution When Eating Celery Before Bed

Celery is also diuretic in nature. It means that the water content in this vegetable is high and might lead you to get up in the middle of the night for urination. As a result, if you already have sleep issues, this can interrupt your sleep routine and cause problems.

chopped celery stalks on a chopping board

So, if you have bladder problems or your body has a habit of frequent urination, it’s recommended not to consume celery too close to bedtime.


Who Should Not Drink Celery Juice?

If you’re dealing with sensitive digestive disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome, drinking celery juice before bed might be intolerant of your body. A high amount of fermentable starches might cause discomfort and bloat when the celery juice digests within the body.

What Are the Disadvantages of Eating Celery?

Too much of anything is bad. And the same goes for celery! Consuming too much celery in a day will lead you to experience abdominal pain or constipation.

How Many Stalks of Celery Should I Eat a Day?

To experience all the benefits of celery, as stated above, you must consume a maximum of four stalks of celery in a day. In this way, you can get magnesium, potassium, and fiber.


Now, you have found the answer to the question, “Is it good to eat celery before bed”?

If you decided not to eat celery right from your childhood days, now is the time you change your mind. Dealing with the bitter taste of a vegetable is better than dealing with many health adversities.

As celery can help prevent them, it’s worth being included in your diet. In short, you should include celery in your daily diet to revitalize your body and boost your health.

We want you to be healthy and fit at all times. Therefore, we keep bringing to you such well-researched and helpful health remedies. So, keep up with us, and let’s build a healthier world for the next generation.

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