Broken Cell Wall Chlorella: What Is It?

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Broken Cell Wall Chlorella

You’ve probably heard about broken cell wall chlorella. The single-cell algae are considered a superfood with a wide range of nutrients. It is by far one of the most researched superfoods in the world.

But what exactly is broken wall chlorella, and how different is it from normal chlorella?

Broken cell chlorella is one of the cells that have split. Through marketing, some supplement companies have spread the notion that spoilt cell wall chlorella is more digestible.

I will also discuss that and see if there is any difference in digestibility among chlorella varieties.

Preparation Techniques for Chlorella

As I mentioned, chlorella is a green alga. It is a single cell that grows under water. It needs to be processed commercially before consumption.

It is a superfood supplement with numerous vitamins and minerals. Processing is necessary to break chlorella’s tough cell wall and access the nutrients.

Breaking chlorella’s tough wall is essential for accessing all the nutrients. The following preparation techniques are used:


Comparing chlorella powder with tablets is quite common. But why?

Because most chlorella is manufactured in powder or tablet form, powdered chlorella is pulverized chlorella.

Pulverizing the chlorella cell is breaking the entire cell in the same manner wheat milling is done. The process breaks the entire cell eliminating it and providing easy access to nutrients.

Powder chlorella has the highest digestibility of other methods. It ensures all nutrients are accessible for peak absorption.

You can consider powder chlorella for grounding seeds or nuts. Once the chlorella is pulverized, it’s dried with hot air to prevent nutrient damage.

one tablespoon of powdered spirulina


Fermentation is a less popular preparation method that involves growing it in a fermentation tank. This is a sterilized and sealed tan with no access to light.

It’s not a practical solution as CFG is not produced during photosynthesis. Instead, nutrients are produced from glucose and acetic acid as opposed to from the sun.

Furthermore, fermented chlorella needs heating to kill bacteria that might grow.

When heating chlorella above 120 degrees F, the heat kills any little nutrients left. Ideally, fermented chlorella is not the best.

Cracked or Broken

We also have cracked or broken chlorella preparation where soft or fermented chlorella is further broken down.

So does Chlorella Need To Be Cracked? Cracking chlorella is necessary to break the cell membrane and allow for easy nutrient access.

While this process ensures you access locked nutrients inside, it’s not the best preparation method.

Mechanical Treatment

Chlorella can also be prepared through mechanical treatment. This involves hammer milling, knife milling, and high-energy mechanical milling.

The chlorella walls are ground industrially to help break the tough outside wall and allow easy nutrient access.

green tablets

Chemical Treatment

Lastly, chlorella can be prepared through chemical treatment, where extraction of the cell membrane is done through chemicals.

Split versus Intact Chlorella: Any Digestibility Difference?

Without a doubt, pulverized organic chlorella is the best in the market. Digestibility is improved in pulverized chlorella, where the cell wall structure is broken down.

So in a way, there is a difference in digestibility among the different brands of chlorella on the market. However, the difference comes down to the chlorella preparation method.

You need a good understanding of chlorella before making any purchase decision. What Are the Side Effects of Taking Chlorella? Have those answers before starting to use this superfood supplement.

Why Does Chlorella Need a Broken Cell Wall?

Chlorella needs the wall broken for better nutrient absorption. The tough cell structure holds nutrients inside. Breaking it through pulverization to get powder chlorella makes absorption of nutrients easier.

What Is Cracked Wall Chlorella?

Cracked wall chlorella is chlorella where the tough cell structure of the algae has been broken. This can be done through pulverization, fermentation, and mechanical and chemical treatment.

spirulina powder supplement on a white ceramic bowl

Is Broken Cell Wall Chlorella Better?

To some extent, broken cell wal chlorella is better. It releases nutrients within the cell structure, enhancing digestibility and absorption.

What Is Cracked Cell Chlorella Good For?

Cracked cell chlorella is good for overall body health. It provides the body with over 20 bio-available vitamins and minerals.

Can You Get Chlorella Naturally From Foods?

 You can get chlorella nutrients naturally from foods like avocado, leafy greens, and raw cacao. However, to get all the chlorella nutrients, you need chlorella supplements.


Simply put, chlorella is the earth’s gift to mankind. It is a natural unicellular alga with packed nutrients that help us in so many ways. As such, chlorella is commercially produced after extraction from the sea for consumption.

After extraction, it’s prepared in powder form, being the best way to take chlorella.

Some of the manufacturing companies have gone as far as breaking the cell structure to easily access the chlorella nutrients. 

Chlorella preparation techniques include pulverization, fermentation, mechanical treatment, and chemical treatment.

Chlorella is commercially available in powder and tablet from such as Sunlit Chlorella Tablet for easy consumption. You can also add powder like Sunlit BodyBrite Superfood Powder to foods like smoothies for easy consumption.

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