How Does Chlorella Detox Work?

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chlorella detox

It’s hard to know who to trust in a world where people are after the dollar and the likes. The internet is a great place to start your research on a topic, but you must be careful. Many people want to sell you something, though they aren’t always truthful. 

However, chlorella is one of the products infused with many abilities, including detoxification. So, how does chlorella detox work?

Chlorella binds to toxins in the body and helps remove them from the system. It also attaches to heavy metals, helping eliminate them from the body. Moreover, its antioxidant powers are vital in free radical reduction.

Let’s take a better look at this superfood’s detoxification.

Chlorella for Detoxification

Chlorella is rich in chlorophyll, a natural detoxifier. It also contains various other nutrients that support detoxification. This alga helps to remove multiple toxins in the body, as highlighted below.

Dioxins in the Environment

Dioxins are highly toxic chemicals produced by industrial processes. They can move long distances by wind and water action.

Dioxins accumulate in the food chain, particularly in fatty tissues. They can cause many health problems, including cancer, congenital disabilities, and reproductive issues.

Carcinogens in Cooked Food

Carcinogens are chemicals that cause cancer. Acrylamide, PAHs, and heterocyclic amines are some common carcinogens in cooked food.

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Heavy Metal Contamination 

There are several sources of heavy metals, including industrial waste and mining operations. Heavy metals are present even in

  • Dental fillings
  • Vaccines
  • Food
  • Cosmetics

Heavy metals can cause various health problems, including cancer, plus neurological and organ damage. Some of the most common heavy metals are lead, mercury, and cadmium.

Pesticides in Common Foods

Though often within tolerable levels, pesticides are common in our food supply. Based on 2019 data, up to 57.5% of foods contain detectable levels of pesticides. The most common pesticides found are organophosphates, carbamates, and pyrethroids.

Cigarette Smoke Exposure

Cigarette smoke exposure is a leading cause of preventable death and disease. It causes about 480,000 fatalities yearly in the US. Of these, approximately 41,000 are from exposure to secondhand smoke. 

Secondhand smoke may cause lung disease, heart conditions and other respiratory illnesses in nonsmokers.

Detoxification from a Hangover

Chlorella can detoxify the body from a hangover by helping to remove toxins from the liver and bloodstream. It is also rich in vitamins and minerals, which can help to replenish the body after a night of drinking.

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How Does Chlorella Work?

There are a few ways that chlorella can help to detox the body. Firstly, it can bind to heavy metals and toxins in the gut, helping to remove them from the body. 

For example, one study found that chlorella can significantly reduce lead levels in rats exposed to lead poisoning. Chlorella helped lower lead-resultant oxidative stress on the kidneys of newborn and adult rats.

Chlorella also helps to improve gut health by increasing the growth of good bacteria and reducing inflammation.

Finally, the chlorophyll in chlorella helps to oxygenate the blood and improve liver function.

Besides helping with detoxification, chlorella serves as a dietary supplement for the following reasons:

  • To improve digestion
  • To boost the immune system
  • To improve energy levels and stamina
  • To enhance the quality of the skin
  • To improve cholesterol levels
  • To address candida overgrowth
  • To improve vascular pressure
  • To reduce the symptoms of fibromyalgia
  • To improve blood sugar

Why Is It Important to Detox?

Detoxing is essential because it helps to remove toxins from the body. Toxins can come from different sources, including food, the air, and other products. Over time, these toxins can build up in our bodies and cause health problems.

Some of the health problems that may result from toxin build-up include

  • Allergies
  • Asthma
  • Cancer
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Hormone imbalances
  • Skin problems

Chlorella heavy metal detox can help to remove these toxins from the body and improve your overall health.

How to Detox Using Chlorella?

First, get the best chlorella detox supplement to guarantee chlorella benefits within a reasonable time.

There are many ways to take chlorella, but tablet or powder form is the most common. The preferred dosage is 3-12 grams daily, but you may adjust this based on your needs.

When taking chlorella, it is crucial to take much water to help flush the toxins. Also, avoid eating foods high in toxins, like processed foods, during your detox.

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Drinking plenty of water when taking chlorella tablets helps them dissolve. If you take chlorella in powder form, you can add it to water, juice, or smoothies.

Begin with a lower dose and gradually increase as your body adjusts. Reduce your dosage if any side effects occur.

That said, what are the best times to use chlorella for detox?

  • Half-hour before breakfast
  • Before bed
  • Before and after dining and drinking
  • Topical application with natural yogurt as a face mask for 20 minutes

Chlorella Detox FAQS: Everything in a Nutshell

How Much Chlorella to Take for Detox?

A tablespoon of chlorella is enough to take for detox when starting. As time goes on, you can up your dosage to 2-4 daily chlorella servings.

When comparing chlorella powder to tablets, adding more powder to food is easier than taking many pills. If you opt for large-quantity tablets, they are larger and may be difficult to swallow for some. So, it may be best to use powder to detox.

How Often to Take Chlorella for Detox While Breastfeeding?

Two servings provide adequate nutrients to take chlorella for detox while breastfeeding. You can begin with a morning dose of 3g and a lunchtime or dinner dose of a similar amount.

How Long Should I Take Chlorella for Detox?

You should take chlorella for detox for three to four months. Once accustomed, use a higher dose of 15-30 tablets or four powder servings. You can gradually reduce it to an average amount over a week to ten days.


The amount of time it takes for chlorella detox to work varies depending on the person. Some people may notice results within a few days. Others may need to take it for a few weeks or longer.

It is essential to be patient when taking chlorella and to give your body time to adjust. If you do not see any results after a several weeks, you might need to increase your dosage. You can also try a different form of chlorella.

Ready to detox? Grab yourself a organic Sunlit Chlorella Tablet to rejuvenate your health. Don’t forget to check out also our article comparing chlorella and spirulina and see which one is better for you.

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