Does Spirulina Go Bad?

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does spirulina go bad

Many people are taking the superfood spirulina. Most superfoods come with an expiry date which is critical for your health. If this is your first time-consuming spirulina, you may be seeking answers to the common question, ” Does spirulina go bad?

Spirulina can go bad just like other supplements, especially when left exposed to air, light, and humidity.  

This happens more often in powder form. Taking bad Spirulina can worsen the spirulina side effects.

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How Long Is Spirulina Good For?

The exciting news is that Spirulina can stay good for up to two years when left unopened. If you just ordered spirulina supplements and the expiry date is way far, then you’re pretty good for at least two years. The best way to take spirulina powder is to know its lifeline.

However, opened spirulina powder can only last up to three months. The exact period on how far Spirulina can stay depends on the storage conditions.

Generally, you need to consume Spirulina after three months of opening it. If poorly stored, Spirulina will go bad much faster.

Is Fresh Spirulina Paste Perishable?

Fresh spirulina paste is perishable and must be properly stored. Spirulina is quickly perishable and needs refrigeration storage.

However, even when inside the fridge, you need to keep Spirulina for a maximum of 7-10 days. Beyond that, it goes bad. This is important, especially if you’re growing Spirulina in your pool or pond at home.

However, growing Spirulina isn’t easy since it grows underwater. You need a spirulina algae kit and a proper setup.

How Should Spirulina Be Stored?

Unlike spirulina tablets that come well packaged, the powder needs proper storage. Have you figured out how to store spirulina powder yet?

jar of spirulina powder beside wooden spoon and tablets

Once you open the bottle, Spirulina can only last up to six months with proper storage.

According to the manufacturer, the best way to store spirulina powder is to keep it in a dry place at room temperature. However, this type of storage works for unopened spirulina powder.

Once opened, you need to store the powder in airtight containers. Once in airtight containers, you can store them in dry conditions at room temperature. This can extend the lifespan up to six months.

Don’t use transparent containers, as Spirulina is affected by light. Light exposure can affect the properties of Spirulina. This changes the taste and effectiveness of Spirulina.

So what does Spirulina taste like? Spirulina tastes like the sea! Yes, this makes sense since it grows underwater in the seas. You can also feel a fishy edge or sulfuric taste. However, poor storage can change the taste and effectiveness of the supplement.

Is It Safe to Microwave Spirulina?

It’s safe to microwave spirulina, but the practice isn’t recommended. The heat in the microwave greatly reduces the nutritional value of Spirulina. Excess heat destroys nutrients like proteins.

So, while it’s safe and pretty okay to microwave spirulina, it’s not something you want to do. Amino acids and enzymes are other ingredients that can easily get destroyed when you heat Spirulina.

You must introduce Spirulina to your food at the serving stage. This ensures you get all the nutritional values.

Is Spirulina a Vegan Food?

Spirulina is a vegan food since it’s a plant that grows underwater. The supplement is 100% safe and ideal for vegans.

elderly couple drinking green juice

For vegans, the best way to consume it is to take fresh spirulina paste. It contains up to 65% to 71% vegetable protein. 

Vegans seeking to maintain a balanced diet must take Spirulina due to the high protein content. 

What about gluten? Is Spirulina gluten-free? Spirulina is gluten-free and safe for patients with gluten-related disorders. It’s a vegan and gluten-free supplement that provides a wide range of nutrients.

Is It Possible to Freeze Fresh Spirulina?

You can safely freeze fresh Spirulina and extend its lifespan. The process is quite simple. You just need to add the fresh spirulina paste into an ice cube and freeze it.

Once you’re ready, you consume the Spirulina. You simply need to blend the cube into your smoothie or juice.

Overall, fresh frozen Spirulina can only stay fresh for 14 to 16 days maximum.

Does Spirulina Go Bad FAQs

How Can You Tell if Spirulina Powder Is Bad?

You can tell Spirulina has gone bad if it smells a very strong odor with high oxidation. Generally, the taste of Spirulina is sulfuric or one with a fishy edge due to its growth underwater.

spirulina powder on the table

Harmful compounds and contaminants in Spirulina make it go bad faster. Hence, a change in the smell is a great indication that the supplement is damaged.

Can Spirulina Go Out of Date?

Spirulina can go out of date once the expiry time lapses. The lifespan of Spirulina is around two years. So after two years of not using Spirulina, then it can go out of date and bad. The expiry date is an indication of the freshness of Spirulina.

When Should You Not Eat Spirulina?

You need to avoid eating Spirulina if you have an autoimmune disease, taking blood thinners or when you’re bleeding. Persons with allergies should also avoid taking Spirulina.

Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers should also avoid taking Spirulina unless under supervision from a doctor. 


You may still be wondering, “is Spirulina bad for you?” Spirulina is only bad for you if it goes bad or has expired. Like most supplements on the market, Spirulina can go bad or expire.

How long Spirulina stays good depends on several factors. First, is the Spirulina opened or closed? Opened Spirulina goes bad faster than closed Spirulina.

If left unopened, Spirulina can last two years or its entire lifespan. Meanwhile, open Spirulina can last a maximum of six months. However, this also depends on the storage conditions.

Powder spirulina needs to be stored in dry areas at room temperature. You need to ensure that you store open powder spirulina in airtight boxes for an extended lifespan.

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