When To Take Spirulina Morning or Night?

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when to take spirulina morning or night

Spirulina is one of the leading wellness and health supplements in the United States. It has many benefits, from weight loss, heart health improvement, immune boost, weight loss support, and much more.

But most consumers face challenges with dosages and the right time to take spirulina. So when to take spirulina, morning or night?

The right time to take spirulina is either early in the morning or late at night. You need to take it as a morning or night snack. However, taking it at night is much better since it can greatly improve sleep. The supplement is a good source of amino acids which help produce sleep-inducing melatonin.

A 2021 study shows that spirulina can greatly improve sleep quality, reduce stress and enhance moods.

Are you looking to learn more about spirulina? Keep reading below to learn how to consume spirulina, uses or spirulina, and much more.

Advantages of Taking Spirulina at Night

There are several advantages to taking spirulina at night instead of taking it during the day. While there are morning advantages, the best time to take spirulina depends on what best works for you.

One of the biggest advantages of taking spirulina at night is relaxation and better sleep. It’s quite beneficial for persons with insomnia.

People with sleep disorders are advised to consume spirulina at night. The rich amino acids in spirulina help produce melatonin, which helps the body produce a sleep-inducing hormone.

You’ll always find synthetic forms of melatonin to help with sleep. But when taking spirulina, the body can naturally produce melatonin helping with sleep.

Additionally, taking it at night can help reduce stress and fatigue. This ultimately leads to a quality night’s sleep.

Advantages of Taking Spirulina in the Morning

There are also advantages to taking spirulina in the morning. Taking it in the morning is good if you don’t have sleep problems. Below are some of the benefits of taking spirulina in the morning.

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  • Energy boost: It boosts your daily energy due to the valuable nutrients. This gets you and keeps you active throughout the day.
  • Clear brain fog: It also provides the body with vitamin B complexes which are good for the brain’s health. This gets you focused throughout the day.
  • Hair growth: The essential amino acids can also get your hair growing long and thick.
  • Boosts the immune: The rich nutrients will also boost your immune system.

Does Spirulina Give You Energy?

Spirulina gives an energy boost, which is a good way to kickstart your morning. There are chemical properties in spirulina that will boost your energy levels.

It boosts body energy by activating the sugars in the cells. Most of these sugars are usually frozen. By activating the sugars, people become energized. 

It also boosts energy because of the high amount of potassium. Potassium in the body prevents dizziness, muscle cramps, and exhaustion. In such cases, it’s beneficial to take it in the morning.

People feeling lethargic and sluggish in the morning can benefit from a dose of spirulina.

How Should Spirulina Be Consumed?

So, how much spirulina per day? This is an important question as consumers need to follow the recommended dosages. Even before you know the right dosages, you must know how spirulina is consumed.

The supplement exists in powder form and tablet form. It’s an orally taken supplement.

You need to take 3 grams of spirulina powder per day. A dosage of six 500MG tablets a day is recommended if you decide on the tablets.

Make sure you take spirulina before meals to boost iron levels, promote weight loss and reduce anxiety.

When taking spirulina, add a tablespoon of powder to your morning smoothie, pre-workout shake, or juice.

The tablets are easy to swallow and feel gentle on your stomach.

Is Spirulina Beneficial to Your Health?

So what’s spirulina good for? What do consumers stand to gain? The supplement is quite effective and does offer a wide range of health benefits. 

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Below are some of the benefits of spirulina to your health.

Energy boost: the supplement’s chemical composition gives the body a huge energy boost. People who consume spirulina in the morning remain active throughout the day.

May prevent cancer: Some studies have shown the effect of spirulina as a natural cancer therapy. The antioxidants in the supplement help reduce oxidative stress.

Improves gut health: By enhancing and boosting the immune system, spirulina improves gut health. Excessive sugars and carbs affect our gut health. The supplements promote the growth of healthy bacteria that promote gut health.

Reduces stress and promotes memory: The supplement helps improve memory by reducing oxidative stress. It is a great supplement for improved cognitive abilities.

Anti-inflammatory: The supplement is anti-inflammatory and widely used to fight inflammation. 

One other excellent algae with a good amount of amino acids to consider are chlorella. There is always a comparison of chlorella vs spirulina. But spirulina tends to have much higher protein contents.

Best Time to Take Spirulina FAQS 

Can I Take Spirulina on an Empty Stomach?

You don’t need to take spirulina on an empty stomach. While people can take it on an empty stomach in the morning, it is not recommended. There are dangers of spirulina when taken on an empty stomach.

Is Spirulina Good for Sleep?

Spirulina is quite good for sleep and is recommended for persons with insomnia and sleep disorders. It helps induce a sleep hormone that helps one relax and sleep better at night.

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Does Spirulina Make You Sleepy?

Spirulina can make you sleep since it produces melatonin. Melatonin is a sleep-inducing hormone that makes one sleepy.

How Many Times a Day Should You Take Spirulina?

You can take spirulina twice a day at the maximum. This is in the morning and at night. The recommended dosage should be 5 grams daily or six tablets of 500MG daily.


That sums up everything you need to know on time to take spirulina. Remember that most users have difficulties figuring out what timings are suitable for taking spirulina.

Luckily, we’ve shared everything with you to help you make an easy decision and plan the correct time for taking Sunlit Spirulina Tablet.

One can take spirulina in the morning or at night. There are benefits to taking spirulina in the morning and at night. 

Depending on your goals and body needs, you can opt to take it in the morning or at night. If you have questions about Spirulina schedules, feel free to comment below, and our team of experts will guide you.

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